Meet Keith

Keith’s values come from his childhood, growing up in a working class home. He learned from his parents about hard work and what it means to struggle with tough choices around health care, education, and the increasing cost of living. From his father working to keep food on the table and his mother working to make sure the family had insurance, Keith saw first hand what too many American families know: that healthcare doesn’t always work for the people who need it. 

Above all, Keith learned to value freedom from his grandpa who fought in World War II with the 82nd Airborne, dropping behind enemy lines during D-Day. He taught Keith what freedom means and what it’s like to fight for what you believe in. Keith’s grandpa never missed a performance and was always there with the right thing to say and a nugget of wisdom.  

From his time in high school Keith knew he wanted to bring people joy. Through his musical talents he was admitted into the Boston Conservatory to hone his skills and work with talented artists from across the country.

This led to Keith traveling the country to be a specialist for concerts, performances, and musicals.  On a summer contract to Indianapolis, Keith fell in love with the city and his future husband.  He’s been proud to call Indiana his home and knows that it is a place where people can be proud to raise their families. Not a place people should ever feel they need to leave to be successful.  

Keith immediately got to work, getting involved in his community and helping to improve lives in Indiana. He worked for Senator Donnelly in 2018 and got involved in local organizations in Central Indiana. 

In 2019, Keith looked around and realized that someone had to represent his neighborhood.  He stepped up to challenge long entrenched interests and worked hard calling, knocking, and listening to his friends, neighbors, and community to handily defeat one of the strongest incumbents on the Indianapolis City Council.  

Entering into the council at the beginning of 2020, just as COVID-19 was starting to shut businesses down and lock down people across the country, Keith got immediately to work. Fighting against big corporations trying to undercut local small businesses, Keith worked to ensure that businesses and everyday families weren’t charged exorbitant delivery fees. And he worked with the police and community activists to create a better system for policing that is building a safer, stronger Indianapolis.  Keith also knows that growth is the key to the success of all of Indiana and worked with local business owners to grow his district adding over 800 new housing units, 120 solid middle class jobs, and more than $270 million dollars of new investments. 

Keith is running for the U.S. Senate because our state, and our nation, are at a turning point. Will we continue to be free to make our own healthcare decisions? Will we be free from gun violence? Will we be free to succeed if we all work hard and play by the rules? These things that we take for granted haven’t been this at-risk since heroes like when Keiths grandpa invaded Normandy.

Keith isn’t willing to play political games with our freedom or be a pawn of the party bosses. Keith will use the lessons he values so dear to represent all Hoosiers.